The author’s/presenter’s role

Papers to be presented in the sessions have abstracts which are included in the Delegate Handbook. They have been arranged by general topic and cross-referenced with the session number. Full papers that have been blind-peer reviewed have been indicated after the paper heading in the abstract.

1. Prepare a presentation of your paper of no more than 15 minutes (you will be allocated 15 minutes including 5-10 minute of questions and answers with the audience). Given the time constraint, your task within the session is to provides highlights of your research. In fairness to other presenters and the audience, it is essential that you do not go over your allocated time

2. The presenter/s should show up to the session 5-10 minutes before the session begins. Introduce yourself to the Session Chair

3. Load your presentation on the computer in the designated room

4. You are recommended to prepare your presentation in both Powerpoint and PDF format so to avoid any issues regarding the software incompatibility

5. You are encouraged to consider including the following points in your presentation:
a. The source of your work and relationship to other areas
b. The basic structure of your research ideas or model
c. Methodology and methods, research question/s and/or hypotheses
d. Implications of your work for researchers, practitioners and instructors
e. Contribution of your work to the discipline
f. Indicate that you are willing to discuss ideas further with the audience
6. It is strongly recommended that you do not read straight from your paper. This approach does little to generate interest on the part of the audience and is an ineffective way to communicate ideas.